Why You Maybe A Victim Of Unwanted Robocalls

Unwanted robocalls have shown to be by far the most complained about the issue to the Federal Trade Commission. The reason is that there are so many ways to call many people at once without having direct contact. With this, some people have become reluctant to receiving unknown calls for fear of being spoofed. These scammers are up to their game, as most people even receive five or more unwanted robocalls per day. The fact is that you may be a victim because you’re fond of answering the unwanted robocall phones. However, help may be on your way if you only take a step to file a lawsuit for unwanted robocalls.

Most Targeted Victims Of Unwanted Robocalls?

If you’re a victim, it’s more likely that you have been giving out your number to receive free product offers, or you have been providing your number online for many reasons. With this, you automatically permit companies to call you. You may question this, why am I still getting robocalls and my name is one the do not call registry? If a company is ignoring this, there is a high chance that this may be a scam that should be reported immediately. These callers never care whether your name is on the list. Other victims may include:

  • Older adults:Though robocalls are a nuisance to everyone, seniors seem to be more prone to these calls. For instance, when scammers pressure the older people to wire money through companies such as MoneyGram or being required to respond to an emergency response system.
  • Small business owners:Since these businesses have to answer calls every day, about half of these are always unwanted robocalls.
  • Immigrants:This mostly happens to immigrants who fall prey to their status in the United States. For instance, one may be called to be notified of a document that may affect his/her status and needs immediate action. The victim is then directed to press any key to get more details.

While the explosion in these calls has been driven by advancement in technology, the government has made it easier for the public to file lawsuits as well as the class-action litigation. Robocalls have become a great nuisance, especially to families in California, making it a task for the FTC to continue going after the scammers behind illegal calls. To avoid these calls, ensure you refrain from giving out your personal information over the phone if it’s not necessary.

How Can I Protect Myself From Unwanted Robocalls?

To ensure you’re free from the fast-growing illegal robocalls, you may consider taking note of the below red flags:

  • Take time to ask for written information.
  • Keep your information private, especially the one related to credit cards or bank accounts.
  • Make sure to check with the Bureau of Consumer Protection if you want to buy any product or service from a phone call.
  • Don’t agree to pay for “free things.”
  • Review the company policies before giving out any personal information
  • Don’t respond or press any key to any prerecorded message.

Getting Help From An Employment Law Attorney

If you’re a victim of California unwanted robocalls, retaining a lawyer would help to ensure you run through the process of filing a complaint with ease.

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