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It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do for a living: there’s a good chance that unsolicited telemarketing and/or robocalls have targeted you. For many companies and/or scammers, this is a useful tactic that is basically a numbers game for them. It doesn’t matter whether it involves attempting to defraud certain people, engage in health insurance scams somehow, or otherwise – there are all sorts of people targeted. While there are some that might downplay the inconvenience of unwanted telemarketing – the truth is that the issue is real. For example, the state of Texas boasts hundreds of millions of robocalls every month.

Many believed that the creation of the “Do Not Call” registry would put an end to all of this, but the truth is that it hasn’t. Every year, millions complain to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the constant robocalls, which might be interrupting intimate family moments and/or professional brainstorming sessions. As a result, it’s easy to see how endless robocalls and unwanted telemarketing can affect the morale and productivity of your organization.

It’s easy to see how no matter who you are, you are not keen on dropping everything that you are doing and tending to a call that you didn’t plan on. There are many cases in which these individuals are not trying to even offer a product or service, as much as finding a way to scam you out of money through misleading well-meaning people who do not know better. One excellent resource to use is the Better Business Bureau. While it might not be fool-proof in terms of determining whether a phone number is being made by a scammer or not; it can certainly help guide your decision.

There are ways to fight back against these people that are invading your valuable time, and CounselOne is here to help make sure that you are contacted by those that you want to be contacted by. We understand that your family and work time is YOUR time and that you should not be receiving unwanted telemarketing. The modern world is a vast one, where you can reach out to companies anytime you need their services, and there is no reason to be harassed and scammed constantly. Believe it or not, you can even be paid for the inconvenience of companies calling you when they should not be. CounselOne understands that your time is worth money, and we will work to make sure that these scammers and/or companies pay for the moments that they have interrupted.

Even if you signed up for the Do Not Call registry, the truth is that there are individuals who have signed up for the do not call registry that are STILL getting calls. This speaks to how rampant that unwanted telemarketing has become. Many companies claim to be able to stop unsolicited telemarketing, but before you consult with these companies or purchase a service – make sure to communicate with CounselOne to consider your legal options.

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