Drafting A Compelling Robocall Demand Letter

If you have been receiving robocalls, it’s most likely you are tired and thinking about looking for a way to seek justice and obtain damages. Any telemarketer who has been making calls or sending texts without your consent has no right to do so. Coming up with a demand letter would be a great step to turn these robocalls into cash. You probably are not aware of what a demand letter may constitute. Anyone who has been intimidated by robocalls has a reason to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits for unwanted robocalls have potential ramifications. Thus, there are vital things you need to keep in mind. Yet, the process is full of hurdles and hoops that need the help of a lawyer who has dealt with robocalls lawsuits before.

When Do I Need A Robocall Demand Letter?

To get yourself acquainted with the structure and the necessary information needed to be filled in, you may consider seeking legal help. After drafting the letter, it will be sent to the telemarketing company that has been calling you intending to sell a product or a service. Since federal law prohibits telemarketers from making unwanted robocall, they provide that any TCPA violator must pay damages to the consumer. For you to request for these damages, you may opt to come up with a compelling demand letter. The letter is what will be sent to telemarketers to request them to pay for damages for violating the law. You don’t have to wait until you have been exhausted by the endless robocalls; robocallers have no right to harass you.

What To Include In The Robocall Demand Letter

Not every disruptive call amounts to damages. It’s only the ones that violate the TCPA laws. They are the only ones that consumers can take action against. Many consumers have been successful in robocall lawsuits. If you have been a target by unwanted robocalls and tests, you should make sure to keep records of any call or message you believe to be violating the TCPA rules. You may opt to have an automated demand letter that will include:

  • The number of calls made by the telemarketer
  • The date and time when each call was made
  • The total damages which the telemarketer may be sued for
  • Settlement value in case of out of court negotiations

If you have warned the telemarketers to stop calling you and they are not honoring that, such requests need to be recorded. In your letter, you should state why you decided to take the step. You need to state the exact money you’re demanding from the telemarketer and explain the reason. Besides, you may also state that you have an opportunity to negotiate the claim out of court before you head to file a lawsuit. Though a demand letter may seem simple, it may be hard to compose one without legal help. If you have other vital details that need to be included in your demand letter, your lawyer will tell you. The same lawyer may guide you on how to generate an automated demand letter and help you receive your damages much easier.

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