Royal Seas Cruises Telemarketing Calls

Have you received unsolicited robocalls from ROYAL SEAS CRUISES?

Royal Seas Cruises Telemarketing Calls

If so, you may be entitled to compensation.

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    Telemarketers Still Haven’t Learned Their Lesson

    After years of regulation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and dozens of court orders telling them to stop, these scofflaws keep making unwanted calls without compunction.

    Little has changed over the years. Telemarketers still use prerecorded messages to push their scams. Only now they use what some call “robotic avatars.” We’ve all heard them. These robots superficially sound like real human voices by using pauses and verbal ticks like “uh” and “um,” but they’re just as unreal as they’ve always been. It’s the ultimate insult. Not only do the telemarketers think you’re stupid enough to fall for their scams, but they think you’re so dumb that you can’t even tell the difference between a human and a machine.


    Royal Seas Cruises Telemarketing Calls

    Royal Sea Cruises has joined the ranks of companies that have chosen to insult people’s intelligence by using a robotic avatar to sell something they don’t want.

    The avatar asks the caller a series of questions to determine whether you “qualify” for a “free” cruise (which you oddly can’t receive unless you have a credit card). The avatar then patches the caller through to a live salesperson who repeats the same questions and makes a sales pitch. The typical script runs like this:

    “Hello, this is Sarah with Royal Seas Cruises on a recorded line, can you hear me ok?”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “The reason for my call is because we are looking for qualified travelers that would like to occupy unused cabin space aboard our magnificent cruise liner and generate

    positive word of mouth advertising for free… All we ask in return is that you tell your family and friends about us when you get home, you can do that right?”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “Ok, let me just ask you a couple of questions to make sure you qualify, it will only take a second then I can have you speak to the cruise specialist that can tell you more about it and also answer any questions you have.”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “First off I need to verify that you are above eighteen years of age, correct?”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “And you would like to travel sometime within the next eighteen months, right?”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “Now, in order to board the cruise, you will need a credit card or a debit card in your name. You have one, correct?”

    [Automated telephone system pause or prompt.]

    “Great! This looks really good. Congratulations you do qualify for the free cruise.

    Now you will be responsible for your governmental port fees of fifty-nine dollars, but I just want to tell you that there is nothing like a cruise to the Bahamas, so I’m going to place you on a brief hold to connect you with a cruise specialist, but I’ll stay on the line to make sure that you are connected.”

    Although decked out with the latest automated technology, these unsolicited robocalls are nothing more than telemarketing calls in disguise, with all of the same disadvantages—inconvenience, disruption, invasion of privacy, and increased phone charges.

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